Flintlocks & Fireballs

Mar 04 498: The Last Emperor

The archmages ignore the undead hordes invading their territory to concentrate on settling decade-old scores, while the Emperor goes for the crown and Papan goes for Zoe. Zoe rushes forward to grab the crown for herself, and is mobbed by their phantom bodyguards; the crown drops to the floor, where it rolls a short distance and is caught by the Emperor. Before he can flee, Freddie dispatches him in a whirlwind of blades, but Zoe is cut down by Papan in the process. Papan grabs Zoe’s body and leaps from the window; though she can’t fly herself, she expects to be caught by her phantoms. Meanwhile, Jal finishes off the last of the phantoms. Angela hurls herself out of the window after Zoe, shooting Papan in the head on the way down. Papan is the first thing to hit the ground. Zoe is the second. Angela is the last. Papan shatters into icy fragments as she drops. Zoe is already unconscious and bleeding to death; the shock from the fall kills her dead. Angela is the third to hit the ground, and — like any Riverporter worth her salt — lands on her feet. She is merely badly wounded. The others grab the crown and hurry out the window as quickly as they can to get Angela some medical assistance, as the duel between Thay and Ferny starts to consume the whole room.

Zoe is dead. Papan is dead, hopefully for good this time. Angela is stabilised, and brought to safety. And the True Crown is in the hands of the rebels.


JWyatt JWyatt

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