Flintlocks & Fireballs

Feb 29 498: Knives for Angela

On their way, however, they are jumped by a team of Stellazzo assassins. They make quick work of them and learn that they were employed by Salvatore Stellazzo, a mercenary dispatcher under Isabella’s employ.

The party recruit the assassins they’d captured, and promise them their lives in exchange for their loyalty — a deal which the assassins gratefully accept. They decide to question Salvatore, and have Angela delivered into his office, hidden in a coffin.

When Angela bursts from the coffin and holds a gun to his head Sal caves almost instantly, and is revealed to have turned his coat and taken employment from Zaszperezal. As well as paying his squad to pick up the party, he has also taken delivery of a very intriguing item. About a week ago what appeared to be a very clever forgery of the True Crown of the Empire appeared on the black market. The man who was trying to pass it off as genuine was taken in, and the forgery fell into Sal’s hands — who quickly discovered that it was the real thing. The True Crown has been sent over to Seflheim, and doubtless will shortly be ending up on the Dauphin’s head, legitimising his reign in the eyes of the Church.


JWyatt JWyatt

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