Flintlocks & Fireballs

Feb 29 498: Face

First things first, the party decide. They check in with Alderton, who is enthusiastically running a soup kitchen in the Church of the Little Mother. He claims that he arrived in Riverport to help the poor and needy, and learned that the Church had been skimming the emergency food rations arriving in Riverport, intending to sell them for a profit rather than distribute them to the poor and needy. He also speaks of his need to leave Riverport, so that he can raise an army and stand against the false Knight Thorni Snevisson — but he doesn’t want to leave his operation leaderless.

Nykevallen promises to stand in his stead, and Alderton agrees; Alderton also teaches him a secret technique of the Rose that will scour an enemy’s mind clear, replacing it with the power of the Rose. Alderton warns Nykevallen only to use this forbidden power on individuals who are irredemably corrupt and evil (such as Snevisson). Angela is vaguely disappointed that she doesn’t get to kill Alderton.

The party reconvene with Vito, and he tells them that he’ll be moving in on Roderigo’s territory. He requests they help him by staking out Roderigo’s HQ, and preventing him from fleeing should his forces lose: Vito wants him dead, not exiled where he can recover his power and strike back. The party agree, and draw Roderigo out of hiding. Angela badly wounds him but is forced back, and Zoe — with a certain amount of regret — is the one who gets the killing shot in.

But there is no time to rest. The True Crown is in Seflheim, and Dauphin Maximilian likely intends the coronation to begin soon. The party take the Five Finger Discount most of the way, giving it time to return so that it can provide aerial protection for Riverport when the Empire’s retaliation comes.


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