The World

The main player in the setting is the Empire, who rule the South from their capital of Seflheim and who were making inroads into the inhospitable North before the events of the rebellion.

Recent events within the Empire have included the ascendency of Emperor Leder, the Industrial Revolution, the discovery of magic and the development of Magitech. A longer time ago, the Empire grew to prominency, as its religion, the Church of the Incarnate wiped out all the others and its armies wiped out all the nonhuman species.

Of course, the Empire doesn’t control all of the South. Most importantly, the rebels have taken the birthplace of civilisation and breadbasket of the Empire, Arakesh. A vicious guerilla war is keeping Imperial troops from making progress. There’s not much left of Mocte to control, but the Moctarim, fanatical insurgents, continue to harass Imperial operations there. There are the Wilds, which are too barren even for the Empire to want to control. The city-state of Riverport is technically under the Empire’s control, but in reality it’s run by the Stellazzo family. On the other hand, the dwarven homeland of Dourmoor is well within the Empire’s grasp.


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