• The Wilder background replaces Elves.

The Empire is all-powerful in the South, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a presence everywhere. There’s plenty of land that’s too barren or remote for the Empire to give a damn about; collectively, this is known as the Wilds.

Wherever you find land that is outside official grasp, you’ll find people who want to live there. These are the Wilders, people who consider living in an inhospitable wilderness a fair price to pay for their freedom. And the Wilds really are inhospitable. Most Wilders live a semi-nomadic lifestyle: if the land was able to support cultivation, it’d have been claimed by the Empire. So they hunt, they gather, they survive, and they try not to draw so much attention to themselves that the Empire sends a legion in to subjugate them.

Many Wilders consider the rebellion to be a bad move. They’ve lived their lives on the basis that the Empire can’t be beaten, only hidden from. That said, the idea of not having to hide from the Empire any more does appeal, and those who really do think that the rebellion might succeed stand firmly behind it.

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