The Technomancer class replaces the Wizard class.

There are a number of engineers whose lives are devoted to steadily optimising existing Magitech devices and manufacturing perfected designs in bulk. Your life is devoted to creating unpredictable new designs which only you can completely understand. You carry round a number of combat-ready versions of these, since many are useful in a fight, and are capable of cannibalising the ingredients you carry to jerry-rig many more.


TechnomancerfinalThe first thing that most technomancers build is a drone: an automated mechanical assistant that acts a lot like a familiar. Drones are small, fast, stealthy, agile, and capable of flight; they can lift and carry small objects and deliver messages, as well as being the mechanism through which many technomantic attacks are delivered. Each familiar is specific to its owner, though most are variations on one of three designs: Defence-drones, spy-drones, and essence-drones.

  • Defence-drones exist to protect their master; they swoop around him in a fight, distracting and confusing enemies. Owning a defence-drone has an identical effect to the wizard class feature Staff of Defence.
  • Spy-drones help direct a tinkerer’s attacks, spotting enemies that he can’t. Owning a spy-drone has an identical effect to the wizard class feature Wand of Accuracy.
  • Essence-drones carry with them an excess of magitech essence and are able to transfer it to magitech devices, enabling them to stay active for longer. Owning an essence-drone has an identical effect to the wizard class feature Orb of Control.

Drone tricks

  • Drone tricks are able to recreate the effects of many of the cantrips a wizard in D&D4e can perform.
  • A drone can broadcast sound through speakers as per the Ghost Cast power.
  • A drone can shine a spotlight on one square as per the Light power; this can only target a square, and not an item.
  • A drone can carry small items as per the Mage Hand power.
  • A drone cannot replicate the Prestidigitation power.


  • Instead of using improved implements, technomancers are able to obtain blueprints for improved designs to their drone.


  • Wizard magic is reskinned into particular inventions; examples are given for the level 1 spells, but the rest are down to the player’s imagination.


The Ritual Caster feat is renamed Design Magitech, and such inventions replace rituals. However, beside that, the use of rituals is identical.


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