The System

Flintlocks and Firearms is run under a modified version of the D&D 4th Edition rules. The vast majority of the rules will remain the same, and many of the changes are cosmetic rather than mechanical.

D&D’s races have been replaced by Backgrounds, which represent an upbringing and culture rather than genetics:

Other races have also been reskinned or changed:

  • Tiefling is replaced by Devil
  • Dragonborn is replaced by Blazer
  • Dwarves are still Dwarves.

A new category of ranged weapons, Firearms, have been added; their statistics are scaled similarly to existing ranged weapons.

Arcane or divine classes have been reskinned:

Classes and races outside of Player’s Handbook 1 are not included by default, but may be played after reskinning them to fit the setting. When these reskins happen, they will be listed below:

  • Psionic is replaced by Duster.


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