• This background replaces the Halfling race.
  • Unlike halflings, your size category is Medium.
  • You may if you wish choose to count as being Small for the purposes of squeezing into small spaces.
  • You never count as having weapon proficiency if you are using a two-handed or bastard weapon, or a heavy shield.

Riverport was once a nation-state run by the decadent, opulent Stellazzo family. These days, Riverport is technically the property of the Empire. In reality, the Stellazzos have merely moved underground, taking a more direct interest in administrating the kind of criminal syndicates which they used to leave to their subordinates. Riverport is still run from behind the scenes by the Stellazzo, via the ever-effective medium of bribery, corruption and blackmail.

Riverport tradition has always treated family names as a fluid thing. A friend of a family will often take the family name (this leads to some people amassing quite the collection of surnames) — with a family as widespread as the Stellazzo, most everybody involved in Riverport’s underworld — thief, bodyguard, smuggler or whore — bears the Stellazzo family name.

Naturally, survival in a shady, urban environment comes naturally to anybody with the right to call themselves Stellazzo. Riverport’s winding, cramped streets encourage a certain style of fighting where manouevrability is everything, so the Stellazzo rarely fight with heavier weaponry or large shields.

Linked fiction

You can read an account from the Jack of Blades, a ‘problem-solver’ for the Stellazzo, here.


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