Reskinning classes and races

Because I like encouraging players to come up with new and cool ideas, there’s no hard restriction on which races from additional PHBs are or aren’t available. However, to play them you’ll have to do the job of reskinning them to fit the setting yourself.

Reskinning races: Some guidelines

Report Any Nonhuman Activity

A big part of the setting is that the South is dominated by humans, and that this is enforced by a viciously efficient military dictatorship. Even the rebels are edgy around the forbidden races because of the additional flak they bring down on their heads. As such, adding more nonhuman player races is a Big Deal; you’d need to justify how the Empire’s managed to miss you so far, and how you’re able to go about your business in the Empire without being run out of any towns you see. A reskin is far more likely to fit if it’s a background than a completely different species.

How Do They Fit Into The World?

Take some time to think about the consequences of people being able to do the kind of things your background does. If your background can heal with a touch, why are people still dying of the plague? If they all have a telepathic link, why do mail trains still bother running across the desert? If they do something that’s obviously fantastical, why hasn’t the Empire tried to control, regulate, or exterminate them?


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