Order Mage

Order Mage

  • Order Mage replaces the Warlock class.

Order Magi are those who work from the theory of one of the Three — the triad of philosophers who were the first to master the art of Magic. Each of them laid down a philosophical theory of magic that sought to explain it. Order magi are their academic descendents; they learn magic by learning one of the three philosophical theories. It’s possible, of course, for an Order mage to dispute the founder’s philosophy and still be able to work their magic, in the same way that it’s possible to become an expert on Catholic scripture but remain an atheist. It’s also about as rare. Some would say that this is a political move by the Three, each trying to make his philosophy intertwined with the upcoming new technology.


  • Traditions replace Eldritch Pacts.
  • The Fernal Absolutism tradition replaces the Infernal Pact; the Thay Solipsism tradition replaces the Fey Pact; the Estarr Purism tradition replaces the Star Pact.

The greatest distinction between Order Magi is which of the three traditions they studied under. The philosophies of each of the Three are deeply incompatible, and shape one’s understanding of magic completely. The three Traditions of Order Magi are detailed more thoroughly in the page on Magic.

Flavour text for reskinned powers

Thay’s Evasion (Misty Step pact boon): Thay teaches that perception shapes reality. When an enemy falls, their perception is lost, and you can take advantage of that. If you’re not where he thought you were, who are you to argue?
When an enemy under your Warlock’s Curse is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, you can immediately teleport 3 squares as a free action.
Estarr’s Enlightenment (Fate of the Void pact boon): Estarr teaches that each victory is part of a journey to greater understanding of the Divine. As you exercise your powers, the Divine begins to teach you a little more: enough to anticipate a little about what the future holds.
When an enemy under your Warlock’s Curse is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, you gain a +1 bonus to any single d20 roll you make during your next turn. If you don’t use this bonus by the end of the turn, it is lost.
Ferny’s Fervor (Dark One’s Blessing pact boon): Ferny teaches that victory belongs to the strong and the strong only. By defeating your foes, you have proven that you have the right and the duty to carry on.
When an enemy under your Warlock’s Curse is reduced 0 hit points or fewer, you immediately gain temporary hit points equal to your level.

Order Mage

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