• The Mistwalker background replaces the Drow race from the D&D4e Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide.
  • The Cloud of Darkness encounter power is reskinned to represent the use of a high-density smoke-bomb, crafted personally by the Mistwalker. Because Mistwalkers have trained themselves to fight within their own smoke-bombs they are not affected by it as other targets are.
  • The Witchfire encounter power is reskinned to represent the Mistwalker’s innate talent for misdirection and confusion.

The People of Earth and Air are not a martial people by nature, but they’ve known the great enemy was coming for a long time. Until they knew its form, they could only combat it by improving the next world, but now they’ve seen the end they can act more directly against it, and have created a cadre of spies and assassins to hinder the Empire.

Mistwalkers are those from the People who have chosen (or been chosen) to lead the physical fight against the Empire. This can happen for any number of reasons – one of the people may show extraordinary physical ability, or they may believe that their greatest art is behind them and rededicate their efforts. For some, the position of Mistwalker is a penal duty: there is no glory, after all, to be gained in the war in the physical realm, where the most one can achieve is to delay the enemy, not defeat it.

Those who direct the Mistwalker’s efforts often communicate by messages hidden within seemingly-ordinary writing, and tend to be highly vigilant of their charges, fearing their corruption by the great enemy.

As a culture devoted entirely to art and philosophy, it comes as no suprise that even the warriors of the People are most comfortable using skill and charm to defeat their foes rather than brute force. The majority of Mistwalkers operate alone, deep undercover, often as servants or ‘exotic’ courtesans to the noble families of Selfheim – they may have worked for decades washing dishes, passing information to their superiors, and waiting for the signal to act. Often, Mistwalkers act through blackmail and corruption, but if the time comes they will not hesitate to kille. Those who work more openly tend to prefer stolen Imperial firearms which allow them to execute precision strikes against key targets.

Of late the Mistwalkers have began to operate openly within the Rebellion. The existence of the People of Earth and Air are still a secret from everybody, but the Mistwalkers have found that keeping their actions from the rebels is leading to the two groups working at odds. For their part, the rebels are concerned at the secret society of elite assassins who have suddenly revealed their existence and offered assistance, but they’re also grateful enough for any assistance that they’re not offering any objection.


You can read a statement from a Mistwalker interrogated by the Imperial Guard here.


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