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Welcome to the rebellion.

The Empire is called just that: the Empire. When there’s only one game in town you don’t need a fancy name. And the Empire has been the only game in town for a very, very long time. Even back when it was a Kingdom, it grew strong on the conquest, the enslavement, and — eventually — the extermination of the nonhuman races. Only the Dwarves survived, and only then by locking themselves deep inside their mountain homes, or by submitting themselves to Imperial dominion.

The Empire was the seat of the Industrial Revolution. It transformed the capital city, Seflheim, into a metropolis of smoke and flame, and granted the Empire the capacity to cross the Barrier Wastes to the Northern lands, where the ancient ruins of the Praxians revealed the secret of magic. The Industrial Revolution brought with it changes: rifles, factories, trains, zepplins. The old line of kings ended, unable to change with the times, and were replaced with people who could: the Jottenar dynasty, and the new ruler, Emperor Leder.

But now a revolution of a new type is coming, one which threatens the whole of the Empire. Someone is trying to overthrow the whole of the Imperial structure once and for all, to make the Empire free. Rebel forces are derailing trains, assassinating ambassadors, stoking unrest. And you are fighting alongside them.

Or, if you prefer, you are fighting against them.

This campaign takes place under a modified D&D 4th Edition system: while the main thrust of the rules is unchanged, a lot of the flavour is different. You can read about the world that the campaign takes place in here, or you can read about the mechanical changes to the D&D 4th Edition system here.

The world The system
Places Other Classes Backgrounds Other
Seflheim Revolution Technomancer Arakesh Firearms
The North Magitech Order Mage Imperial reskinning
Wilds Religion Hedge Mage Wilder Addiction
Riverport Nonhumans Rose Knight Trader Fiction
Dourmoor Unnatural Duster Stellazzo Armour
Arakesh Magic Fighter Dwarf
The People of Earth and Air Technology Warlord Devil
Ramaslu Rebellion Ranger Blazer
Mocte Employment Rogue Mistwalker
Praxia Money Moctarim
The Barrier Wastes

Main Page

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