This page will hold links to fiction written in or about the setting that is too long to serve as flavour text.

Jack — by Apple, Mar ’11: The Jack of Blades performs a commission for the Stellazzo of Riverport.

Mr. Gains — by James, Mar ’11: An agent of the People of Earth and Air speaks with her interrogator.

City of the Leopard — by James, Mar ‘11. An inhabitant of Mocte describes his city’s uprising.

The Inside Skinny — by Kit, Mar ’11. What happens when you ask a Devil about the whole soul thing.

Raised By Elves — by Apple, Apr ’11. A Wilder tells the story of her upbringing.

Ghosts — by Apple, Apr ’11. Tales from the Blood War.

The Rose Has Many Paths — by Kit, Apr ’11. A retired Rose Knight contemplates her future.

Grandfather — by Apple, Apr ‘11. A young boy’s grandfather wants to do his bit for his nation.


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