“They’re your best and worst customers. The stuff you sell them is expensive, and being able to do magic makes them able to pay their bills. But they can do magic. All I’m saying is, if you catch yourself thinking it won’t hurt any to let them have this time on the house, put a bullet in their head right now.”

— Giacomo Gilliamo-Stellazzo, Etherite dealer
  • Dusters are a reskin of the Psionic class.
  • Dusters can use as many Psi points during an encounter as they wish.
  • At the beginning of an encounter, the GM secretly rolls a D6 to determine how many Psi points the Duster may safely use: on a roll of 2-5, the Duster’s safe limit is calculated in the same way as a Psionic’s Psi points. On a roll of 1, this number is decreased by 1, and on a roll of 6 this number is increased by 1.
  • If a Duster uses Psi points over their safe limit, there are adverse consequences:

(Adverse consequences TBA)

It’s well-documented that prolonged exposure to raw Etherite causes delirium, insanity, and the spontaneous manifestation of magical effects, eventually transforming the user into a hideous crystalline monstrosity.

This doesn’t stop people from doing really, really stupid things with it, of course. Some people are even desperate enough to try snorting the stuff in the hope of the magic doing what they want. Where magi refine Etherite crystals to better mirror their mind, Dusters degrade their minds to better mirror raw Etherite.

The effects tend to be explosive and unpredictable, and leave Dusters on a fast road to self-destruction: even if the danger of deliberately sending themselves insane to harness arcane power doesn’t destroy them, they still face the financial and legal consequences of addiction to an illegal drug and the mental and physical effects of prolonged exposure to raw Etherite. But for some people, that’s still a price worth paying. For some people, any price is worth paying for sufficient power.



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